The news section say you what I have done to the site, what trips were and other things, that I have to point you attention on.

26.04.2011 - Photos from Zone of Alienation (Chernobyl) added. Zone of Alienation and Venicle graveyard. Photos taken after 20 years of Chernobyl disaster.

13.02.2006 - Links section updated.

26.08.2005 - Great video footage and photographs of abandoned sites over the world you can see on a DVD "Echoes of Forgotten Places". Check it out!.

16.05.2005 - New gallery: photographs of a Sleeping Giants.

26.11.2004 - Site is not abandoned. After a long delay new photographs from Abandoned indusrial Area added.

20.10.2003 - Photos from trip added: Trip to Automobile Plant.

05.10.2003 - Photos from trip added: Trip to Abandoned Hotel.

05.10.2003 - Photos from trip added: Trip to Unfinished Printing Plant.

06.09.2003 - New gallery added: Acetylene - Abandoned gas Plant.

13.07.2003 - Trip to Abandoned Industrial Aria taken. Photos for new gallery in progress.

06.07.2003 - Another one trip to Abandoned Gas Plant taken. Photos will be added.

22.06.2003 - New gallery added: Derelict silicate plant.

02.04.2003 - New gallery added: Unfinished abandoned hospital.

01.01.2003 - www.abandoned.ru now working. Happy New Year!

                                                        What's now? I have to reorganize and add new galleries, add a forum and work on design.

12.10.2002 - Photos from trip to abandoned gas Plant added.

21.07.2002 - Trip to 'Tsemgigant' plant site taken. Photos in progress.

27.05.2002 - Domain 'abandoned.ru' registered.

21.04.2002 - Site php test version started.

26.11.2001 - Site new design pre addon.

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